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Triple Crown Bingo is Houston’s Ultimate Bingo Experience! Three convenient locations, paying out over $15,000 CASH daily.



90 Ball: UK style bingo using 90 balls, played at most bingo sites.

75 Ball: American style bingo using 75 balls.

80 Ball: Bingo variant popularized by the internet, uses 80 balls.


Admission Packet: The minimum number of cards you must buy to participate in a bingo game.

Auto-Daub: An online bingo feature that automatically marks the numbers on your card as they are called.


Blackout: A pattern where you must cover all spots on your bingo card to win.

Bingo Card: The card with a grid of numbers used to play bingo.

Bingo Caller: The person who calls out the numbers during a bingo game.

Bingo Hall: A place where bingo lovers gather to play.

Bonanza Bingo: A progressive coverall jackpot typically played as the 13th game in a bingo session.

Board: An electronic bingo board that lights up the numbers as you play.

Buyin: The cost to participate in the bingo game (1 ticket).


Caller: The person who calls out the numbers in a bingo game.

Coverall: A bingo game with the objective to cover all the numbers on your ticket.

Chat: Most online bingo halls have interactive chat with other players.

Chat Games: Side games where you can win money by playing mini chat games during the bingo game.

Consolation Prize: A prize given to bingo players for either the 2nd person to hit bingo or if during a progressive game nobody gets bingo within the max amount of balls.


Dauber: A special pen-like ink marker used to mark off numbers on a bingo card.

Diamond: A pattern in bingo where you need to cover a diamond-shaped pattern on your card.

Diagonal Line: A winning pattern from one corner to the other, including free space.


Early Bird Game: A bingo game that is played before the main session begins.

Electronic Bingo: Playing bingo using an electronic device that tracks your cards for you.


Flimsies: Thin, paper bingo cards, often used for special games.

Four Corners: A pattern where you must cover all four corners of your bingo card to win.

Fair And Square: A bingo game where everyone must buy the same amount of tickets so nobody has an advantage of multiple tickets. Available at most online bingo sites.

Free Space: The free bingo space in each game, usually in the middle of the ticket.

Full House: When a player covers all numbers on their card in a regular game.


Game Board: The display board that shows the numbers that have been called.

G.T.I.: An electronic dauber system used in bingo halls.


Hard Card: A reusable bingo card made of cardboard.

Hardway Bingo: A bingo win that is achieved without using the free space.


Instant Bingo: A game where a player can win immediately after buying a ticket, typically played with scratch-off cards.

Inlaid Card: Permanent bingo cards built into the bingo table.


Jackpot: A large prize awarded for achieving a difficult pattern, like a blackout, within a specific number of balls.

Last Call: Last bingo game of the night.

Jumper: A game where... (the description seems to be cut off)


Kite: A pattern in the shape of a kite on a bingo card.

King’s Corners: A pattern where you cover all four corners and the middle square of your bingo card.


Late Night Bingo: Bingo games that start late in the evening, sometimes after 11:00 pm.

Lights Out: The final game of a bingo session, often a blackout game.

Lucky Jar: A progressive jackpot that you get when the “money ball” is won on.


Money Ball: A number drawn before the game that doubles a player’s winnings if bingo is hit on that number.

Moonlight Bingo: Another term for Late Night Bingo.

Max Bet: Maximum amount of money you can buy one ticket for in any game.

Max Tickets: The maximum amount of tickets you can buy in any one game.

Min Buyin: The minimum amount for a bingo ticket in any particular session.

Multiple Winners: When the prize is split among two people hitting bingo on the same number.


Nine-Pack: A pattern consisting of a block of nine numbers.

No Deposit Bingo: Online bingo games where you can play without making a monetary deposit.


Overlay: A prize that’s more valuable than the game’s cost.

On The Way: The game before the coverall game.

Pattern: The winning formation you need to get numbers on to win the game.


Payout: The percentage of sales paid out by the house.

Postage Stamp: A pattern where the goal is to get a block of 4 numbers blacked out in any 4 corners. (2×2)

Progressive: When a bingo jackpot must be won within a certain amount of balls and isn’t, a progressive jackpot grows until somebody beats the threshold.

Pull-tab: Pull-tab games, also known as break-opens or pickle cards, are games of chance played with paper tickets containing hidden symbols or numbers.


Quickie: A game where a whole card must be filled and numbers are called very fast.


RNG: Random Number Generator (to ensure fairness)


Session: A set of consecutive bingo games played in one day.

Speed Bingo: A variation of bingo with a faster pace and typically fewer numbers.

Shutterboard: A special type of bingo ticket where the numbers are covered by slots or “shutters” and you close them as the numbers are called out.


Texas Blackout: A variation of blackout bingo where the first number called determines whether all even or all odd numbers are wild.

Tickets: The paper or other material you use to keep track of your numbers.


Under: Refers to the numbers under a specific letter in the bingo card. For example, B-Under would include numbers 1-15.

Upwards: A game where the prize increases with each game that’s played.


Validation: An additional fee paid to qualify for a larger jackpot.

Vertical Bingo: Winning a game by covering all the numbers in a vertical line on the bingo card.


Wildcard Number: A number that can be used to represent any other number in a pattern.

Wrap Up: The final game of a bingo session.


X-Marks the Spot: A game where the pattern to win is in the shape of an X on the bingo card.


Is smoking allowed?
Do you sell alcohol?
How much are cards?
How do the electronic cards work?
How long do the games last?
How much are the computers?
How many games do you get to
play for paper?
Does the cost cover 2 sessions or one?
How much to play? (how much are bingo cards)
Is there a certain set time for games to begin, or can you come whenever?
Do you have to reserve? Is there a fee to get in? RSVP required?
What do the games pay, please?
What are the tablets?
Is it come and go at any time or is it sign up and stay until the end?
Are there set times?
For first-timers, is there anything that I should know before arriving?
Are you allowed to bring food
into the bingo hall?
How many bingo games are played during each session?
Do you play more pull tab games than bingo games?
What's your minimum buy?
How many sessions are there per day?